Single Hung Window for Quality and Protection

Single Hung Window, as the name implies, only has one operated slide even though the window itself consists of two vertical plates. This is different from the double hung model, in which both of the window plates can be operated even if they have almost similar appearances due to the double plates. Although the double hung model sounds and looks better due to its flexibility, the Simple Hung Window actually has several benefits that do not present on the double hung one. Here are some benefits of this single hung window model and reasons why you could consider installing it.


Why Installing Single Hung Window?

A window has other functions beside protecting the house; regulating the air circulation and acting as a weather insulation device. Single Hung Window might be unable to boast the flexibility in air circulation due to one of its fixed plates, but it offers more flexibility in weather insulation. The problem if you live in four season or sub-arctic countries is that you will need every arsenal at your home decoration, including window treatments, to stave off the extreme cold in winter. The fixed upper plate of a Single Hung Window enables house owners to make weather insulation job easier because they are able to put most attention only on the lower window plate.


Choosing the Good Single Hung Window

When you are selecting Single Hung Window, you want to get a product that has secure plate installation yet smooth in its mechanism. Since hot and cold weather can affect the size of window frames, especially if they are made from low quality wood, you need to find a window that will not be affected easily by temperature. Single Hung Window products from manufacturer like Pella have weather proof features that ensure long lasting window as well as great insulation technology. There are both vertical and horizontal styles to match with your room or office and any maintenance preference you like.


Single Hung Window generally can last longer than the double hung one, because the static plate creates less tear and scratch caused by the sliding action. During winter, you can install the weather insulation easily, and weather proof product such as windows from Pella can increase the quality. The single sliding mechanism also provides more privacy if you prefer this factor more, because the static plate will not move and provide more barrier or further sunlight penetration. For more protection and durability, the best choice is Single Hung Window.